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Preventing Addiction

By John C Fleming MD

What parents must do to immunize their kids against alcohol and drug addiction. Provides answers that continue to perplex many parents:

  • Why can't our kids "just say no to alcohol and drugs?"
  • What do we need to know to immunize our kids against addiction?
  • What do we need to do to prevent addiction?

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Preventing Addiction is named Finalist in the ForeWord Magazine “Book of the Year” contest

Reviews of the Book

“They say the backbone of the community is family. Dr John Fleming has amazing insight into the tools to make a family strong, and to keep children off of drugs and alcohol with serious information, delivered with compassion and understanding. He is one of my favorite guests and my audience just adores him as well.”

—Cooper Lawrence M.A., syndicated radio host

“As both a reporter and mother of a young child, this book is an eye-opener. It's disturbing that our children are becoming addicts — and at such tender ages. It goes to show why parents can't shrug off such 'gate-way' drugs as alcohol and tobacco — because that may just lead them to the next level of abusive substances. It's obvious having a heart to heart conversation with your child needs to happen now rather than later — when we 'think' they're old enough.”

—Sonja Bailes, KTBS-TV Shreveport, LA

“Preventing Addiction is an essential handbook for any adult who cares for children and teens because any child born is a potential, later drug addict, according to Dr. Fleming. It is any easy to read handbook that teaches us not only how addiction evolves, but how it really can be prevented with the proper techniques. I highly recommend it.”

—Jesse Dylan, Host of “The Good Life Show” on Channel 114 LIME, Sirius Satellite Radio

“… Dr. Fleming has composed a masterpiece of helpful information … Preventing Addiction deserves to be widely read, carefully studied and faithfully utilized.”

—Wayne L. DuBose, B.A. ThM. (Counselor and pastor of First Baptist Church, Minden, LA)

“My wife loved Dr. Flemings book so much that she is using it to teach her high school health class about the causes, dangers and ways to prevent addiction.”

—John Brewer, host, KNOC-AM “Talkback Natchitoches”

“In Preventing Addiction Dr. Fleming talks about the whole science of (drug addiction) prevention. He is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about this topic! It’s an invaluable guide for parents.”

—Liz Summars, host, KGSB/KISW/KKWF/KMTT/KNDD Seattle “Conversations”