One of the main reasons Dr. Fleming is so passionate about his book is that he believes real strategies should be encouraged before addiction can harm someone. Real strategies to prevent addiction is more beneficial than trying to treat once someone is addicted.

Effective Treatment for Drug Addiction - The Time is Now to Change

By Dee Cohen -- Strictly speaking, an addiction is a chronic strain and need on that the body develops towards a substance, drug, food or chemical in order to feel normal again. At times this is not as simple as it sounds; what the body deciphers as necessary for life may itself be the very thing that destroys it. Take for instance; drug addiction (which sometimes clinically differs from drug dependency) happens when the body craves the ingestion of... more

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The Causes of Drug Addiction

By Jaime Staggs -- Addiction is a disease that affects the lives of so many people, the numbers are staggering. Even more alarming is the fact that many addicts are in denial, which means that the number of people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in our country could be far greater than we actually know. The addict of drugs or alcohol is generally in a state of denial and believes that he or she can stop at any... more

Understanding Addictions

By Andrea Schneider -- Addictions eventually catch up with you and change your life in such a way that you will have to face the fact that you need help. Recovering from addictions usually happens once you have hit the bottom and finally realize that you need help from outside sources so that you can lead a life that is addiction free. There are many types of addictions that will have a devastating affect on your life. Addictions, and... more

Addiction: Victim, Problem, Solution?

By CounselorDave -- This is not a disease that cuddling, warm blankets and pity will help! Addicts do, most often respond to kindness and understanding, when it is properly given or very often, administered by a professional care-giver, or another addict, hopefully in Recovery! Stop giving in to your heart, at least the one that says openly, "I feel so sorry for you!" This is an invitation for disappointment and even worse, enabling. Most likely, you can't help... more

An Informative Guide On Heroin Addiction Treatment

By Todd Lange -- Heroin addiction is believed to be the most dangerous drug addiction all over the world. That is the reason why the treatment for heroin abuse is more vigorous almost everywhere in the world. The effects of heroin abuse on the addict's body are also severe than any other addiction effects. For an addict of heroin, it is a very harsh and long process to come out of the addiction and live a life without depending... more