The whole idea of Dr. John Fleming's book is the idea of preventing drug abuse before it becomes an issue. If it does become an issue, however, proper treatment needs to be encouraged and researched.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction

By Damian Sofsian -- There is help available for people addicted to prescription drugs. There are countless inpatient and outpatient programs around the world that are specifically created to help people kick their drug addictions. These programs usually include detox centers, psychologists, and often include safe alternative substances to help curb withdrawal symptoms. The level of treatment needed depends on the length and severity of the addiction. It is important that people realize that some type of treatment or... more

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Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment for Young Adults

By Melissa Bryson -- Many people will go through life never knowing what it's like to have a family member who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you're one of these people, consider yourself lucky. Given that the "war on drugs" of decades past was never declared a "mission accomplished," everyday there are millions of families who face the horrors of drug addiction via someone they love. Substance abuse does not affect just one individual, but everyone around... more

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Alcohol And Drug Treatment Programs Are Often A Life Saver!

By Susan Dean -- It never ceases to amaze me just how many people suffer from drug or alcohol abuse. Thank god there are alcohol and drug treatment programs out there to help these people. Of course the big problem with this is that they can only help people who are willing to be helped! And unfortunately most drug addicts or alcoholics do not believe that they have a problem to be fixed. I know as a little girl... more

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How To Choose a Drug Treatment Center

By Jordan McPelt -- A drug problem can affect more than just the person who abuses drugs. Family, friends, and children especially are negatively affected when someone has a drug problem. For those drug abusers that have decided to make a change in their lives, a drug detox center is the best place to go in order to get their lives back on track. There are a lot of issues that go along with choosing the right drug rehab... more