The whole idea behind Dr. John Fleming's book is the idea of prevention. Since addiction is incredibly hard to break, it's important to promote prevention before that can be an issue.

Schools, Children, and Drugs

By Christopher Thomas -- Today everyone needs a lift, especially students. Radical modifications are necessitated by the discontentment of high school students' lives. One way this could be improved is by implementing a powerful drug prevention and education curricula that would address students' issues. Peer counselors would aid the school by counseling students who are weakening and by creating stress reduction tools that would assist students throughout their academic life. A healthy diet program would reinforce the other programs... more

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Student Drug Testing in America

By Lena Butler -- The sustained campaign for a drug free America is taking a new turn these days. After the invasion of drug testing into the workplace, now it is time for testing to expand into schools. Student drug testing is expected to reduce the tendency of teenagers to start abusing drugs and aims at nipping the problem at the bud with an emphasis on prevention. First of all, student drug testing aims at preventing adolescents from being... more

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Raising the Dreaded Subject of Drugs

By Sue Atkins -- Communicating well is essential at any stage of your child's development but it is particularly important during the transitional stage of adolescence. So here are a few tried and tested tips for talking about drugs to your teenager: - Begin with a non-judgmental attitude. - Don't push your teen but be open and receptive. - It's not a good idea to share your experiences and don't assume you know all the issues involved e.g. you... more