Child Development

It's important to explore and utilize drug prevention strategies before harm can be done to someone. In this process, raising children the right way and teaching them about addiction is important to prevent later trouble.

The Importance of Child's Play in Child Development

By Brenda Geier -- Play Grocery Store - save empty food boxes such as oatmeal, graham cracker, salt, and pepper - any container that does not have sharp edges and make sure they are completely empty and clean. Children can make their own grocery store and label the cost of each item by writing the price on the item with a marker. Play store is a fun way for the age group 3-9 to understand words as symbols, and... more

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Stimulating Child Development

By Rebecca Walker -- The development of your child is a complex and involved process, spanning a number of different physical and mental elements. Encouraging the mental development of your child, in terms of sociality, intellect and emotion is crucial in raising a well-rounded child to progress to adulthood, although it can often be quite difficult to think of creative and effective ways to stimulate this kind of development in your child. Given its importance, this kind of child... more

Toys and Child Development: a Wonderful Combination for Raising a Child

By Samantha Gibson -- Child Development is important when you are raising your child. As a parent, you feel the need to supply your child or children with toys to help them learn while they are playing. You may also find that playing games and playing with toys along with your child is a good way to foster child development. Child Development is characterized as helping your child grow and develop in a timely manner. A lot of this... more