Detection, Deterrence and Monitoring

There are some who are concerned about home testing and monitoring techniques for kids and how that may appear to be an intrusion into their privacy. However, Dr. Fleming is a strong advocate of appropriate home testing and monitoring techniques and technologies. It has been his experience that they tend to encourage trust, not discourage it. Furthermore, since the evidence shows that parents rarely know how soon or how severely their kids are using alcohol and drugs, Dr. Fleming feels that testing earlier and more frequently is better than waiting too late or not being vigilant.

The use of DDM (detection, deterrence and monitoring) as discussed in Preventing Addiction is essential to preventing addiction in your youngsters. Use of these tools may be a bit intimidating for some at first. However, there is plenty of help for you both in Preventing Addiction and among the companies that provide these important technologies.

Please explore the information below and see how techniques and technologies can work for you and your kids to help keep them safe and to prevent their fall into addiction. Alternative applications of these techniques and technologies to help protect kids from other threats, like child predators, are apparent, as well.

Please note that Dr. Fleming has not verified the accuracy of these specific tests and techniques and he recommends that you work with your personal physician, the companies that sell them and law enforcement agencies in their application.

Home Drug Testing

Home and school drug testing of kids has become much more common in recent years. It is safe, accurate, simple and results are instant. There are several combinations of drug testing kits available that can be tailored to the threats that affect your kids. For more details on how these can be used and how to administer them, consult Preventing Addiction and the company from which you purchase the kit.

Home Breathalyzer Testing

Detection of alcohol use by your kids may prove essential to stopping the beginning of the early addiction process and it is an excellent method to keep your kids from driving while intoxicated. Breathalyzers are simple, inexpensive and accurate.

GPS Tracking on Vehicles

Don't know where your kids are? This device lets you know where they are, where they have been and how fast they got there. It can be easily installed in a hidden location on your child’s auto. Tracking is done through your home PC.

Computer Monitoring and Cameras

Computer monitoring software is a must if your kids have a PC. It records everything that your child does on the computer and everything that he views. You can have alerts emailed to you! It is inexpensive, easy to load and it operates in the background, undetected by your kids.

Other Relevant Information