From Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Preventing Addiction, by Dr. John C. Fleming

Featured on the Dr. Laura Show April 28, 2008

"PREVENTING ADDICTION focuses on current research that strongly suggests that a 'critical timeframe exists in the life of a young person in which exposure to certain substances (that we don't necessarily consider to be drugs in a traditional sense) can trigger addiction.' The book challenges the common beliefs about addiction, and imparts wisdom learned through years of seeing first-hand drug abuse and its impact on families and society from a practicing physician. Dr. Fleming feels that it is imperative to know that addiction almost always begins during childhood and adolescence. Furthermore, he believes that everyone should be aware that every child is potentially a future drug addict. In PREVENTING ADDICTION Dr. Fleming provides answers to questions that continue to perplex many parents and Dr. Fleming provides a step-by-step 'blueprint' arranged by age for raising a non-addicted child. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Laura Schlessinger