Drug and Alcohol Prevention Research

A generation ago, with the idea to prevent drug addition for future generations, former first lady Nancy Reagan launched her famous anti-drug campaign with the slogan, “just say no to drugs.” Sadly, addiction and drugs still plague our children despite the best efforts of educators and parents. The benefits of drug prevention are real but our approach to prevention has not been successful.

Now, drug and alcohol prevention research is available from Dr. John Fleming in the book Preventing Addiction. In this first-of-its-kind book, Dr. Fleming introduces real ideas to prevent drug use and alcohol consumption in our children based on medical science and on Dr. Fleming’s personal experience as a parent of four grown children. He helps to fully explain the phenomenon of addiction and shows parents the best new ways to raise and train children to avoid drug and alcohol addiction.

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From Dr. Laura Schlessinger

"PREVENTING ADDICTION focuses on current research that strongly suggests that a 'critical timeframe exists in the life of a young person in which exposure to certain substances (that we don't necessarily consider to be drugs in a traditional sense) can trigger addiction.' The book challenges the common beliefs about addiction, and imparts wisdom learned through years of seeing first-hand drug abuse and its impact on families and society from a practicing physician. Dr. Fleming feels that it is imperative to know that addiction almost always begins during childhood and adolescence."
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Every Child is a Potential Drug Addict

How can concerned parents predict if their kids will become addicted to drugs or alcohol? With the effect of media and the current wide availability of addicting drugs, parents face more challenges raising children than ever before. Opinions vary on the question of who will become addicted. Some think that people become addicted because of their heredity, while others think addiction is not a disease at all, just a weakness of will.

Studies show that addiction causes permanent and irreversible changes to the brain biochemically, physically and electrically such that victims continue to have an urge to use drugs for the rest of their lives. This fact makes it an incurable disease that can strike anybody given the right circumstances and despite their heredity.

If you are concerned about alcohol or drug abuse and would like to test someone, please visit Home Drug Testing Kit.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are Incurable Diseases

Addiction is incurable, but it is preventable. Where are your children in the addiction cycle? Have you done enough to protect them from the horror of this disease? Are you willing to do what it takes to show your love to them by raising them to bypass this problem? Buy the book to act now and protect your children and your family!

“They say the backbone of the community is family. Dr John Fleming has amazing insight into the tools to make a family strong, and to keep children off of drugs and alcohol with serious information, delivered with compassion and understanding. He is one of my favorite guests and my audience just adores him as well.”

—Cooper Lawrence M.A., syndicated radio host

DR. John Fleming 2007 Family Doctor of the Year


Kids are Doing a Lot More Than You Think, and at an Earlier Age

Recent studies show that the average child begins to drink and smoke cigarettes at age 13! This means that about half begin younger than that. Parents are rarely aware of this until their kids are several years older. By then the kids have begun other, even more dangerous activities such as drug use and underage sexual activity.